There be a glorious Christmas full of peace


I wish to offer my sincere greetings to all Sri Lankan Christian people on the Christmas Day celebrated at a grand level by Christian devetees all over the world.

The birth of Christ reminds us the message of equality and love. The real respect to the Jesus Christ who was born in a poor cowshed in Bethlehem and showed a great example to the world about peace and equality is to be integrated nationally, religiously and socially and work together.

We also emphasize the same harmonious principle through the teaching and learning process in our school system. The best approach to make the Christmas meaningful is to dedicate all people in the country for the national requirement of building reconciliation among all races through peace and solidarity.

In one occasion the Jesus Christ has said, “Who receives a child concerning me, he receives me”. The message of Him is a real encouragement for all of us who are engaged in a mission for children and for their future. He have to be integrated without any discriminations of race, religion, party or colour on behalf of our children and to make a better future for them.
May the dawning Christmas be a charming event full of peace and happiness and may there be love, kindness and compassion in the hearts of all human beings in the world drawing respect and recognition for each other.


Akila Viraj Kariyawasam (MP)

Hon. Minister of Education  

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